Disaster strikes, whether in the form of fire, water, or wind damage. Like many property or business owners having experienced a similar loss, you turn to your insurance company with the belief that they are there to protect your personal interests in such an event.

It is a common misperception. Although your insurance company may represent that they are there to protect and restore your interests following a loss, ultimately they have their own interests in mind: minimizing monetary loss to the company.

At Loss Settlement Services, our only interest is in protecting yours. We’ll see your loss through the entire claim and restoration process, ensuring that you receive the care and compensation that you are entitled to.

We handle all types of property losses. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, our experienced adjusters are prepared to handle losses resulting from fire, lightning, furnace malfunction, broken pipes, roof leaks, wind, fallen trees, theft, and vehicular impact.

Our Services Include:

  •  Initiation of the mitigation process, including property security and coordination with the appropriate vendors and contractors
  •  Location of temporary housing or office space when applicable
  •  Evaluation of your insurance policy and coverage applications
  •  Complete documentation of the damage, including content inventory and photo documentation
  •  Presentation of your claim to the insurance company
  •  Negotiation and settlement of your claim